Cheyenne® disposable grips

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Disposable grips, box of 6.

Cheyenne Disposable Grips are sterile, single-use grips for your HAWK PEN and the SOL Nova. Our D-Grips are soft and ergonomically designed, resting comfortably in your hand. The sturdy and precisely formed thread inside guarantees a perfect hold on your machine. Just twist the grip to adjust the needle protrusion, and Cheyenne’s cartridge technology allows you to exchange cartridges quickly and easily.

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Cheyenne Disposable Grips are our sterile, single-use grips for the HAWK PEN and the SOL Nova. A choice of three sizes – Ergo 1-Inch, Ergo Round, and Ergo Long – ensures that you can work comfortably, whether you’re filling, shading, or doing precise line work.
The Disposable Grip is made of a tender soft-touch material with an ergonomic design to ensure that the grip rests in your hand as comfortably as possible. The thread inside the grip consists of robust and precisely formed ABS plastic to guarantee a perfect hold on the HAWK PEN or SOL Nova. Rotating the grip allows you to adjust the needle protrusion to your preferred setting, for perfect results every time.
Another advantage of our Cheyenne Disposable Grips: They are sterilized. You’ll only need one grip per session, saving you the hassle of covering the aluminum grip. The thread allows you to simply clamp the sleeves between the pen and the grip. Our D-Grips also feature Cheyenne’s needle cartridge technology. This makes it possible to quickly and easily exchange the Cheyenne Safety and Craft Cartridges you use while working. They’re a perfect fit. Each Cheyenne Disposable Grip is packaged in a sturdy blister pack that can also be used as a stable water cup. Hygienic and safe tattooing guaranteed!


  • Cheyenne Disposable Grip: A safe, single-use product
  • Three different sizes ensure comfortable handling (Ergo 1-Inch, Ergo Round, and Ergo Long)
  • Simple system
  • Every D-Grip is hygienically and securely packaged
  • Two of the three sizes can also be used for the SOL Nova (Ergo Round and Ergo 1-Inch)

Disposable grips



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