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Solid Ink Cadillac Pink 1oz (30ml)

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Solid Ink: Get your premium tattoo inks

The Solid Ink tattoo pigments have been popular among artists worldwide for quite some time now. Although this hold true, Solid ink tattoocolors have only recently been approved and made available as a certified tattooing ink for the Europe. Those of you that have never tried them have long been overdue. The world renown tattoo artist Federico Ferroni put all his knowledge and expertise into creating the inks – and to this day still works hard to do so. Many years of optimizing every component of the inks and color nuances, definetly make them a must have for every ambitious tattoo artist.

Discover the variety of Tattoocolors by Solid Ink

The Solid Ink’s color palette is almost infinite: The Basic Line alone has a variety of 80 dazzling colors waiting for you. The Horitomo Sumi inks provide the best shades for first class outlines, fine shadings, breathtaking black and gray works and much more. But that’s not enough! The Chris Graver and Horitomo Artist sets are available with 12 unique colors in each set that will make a great addition to your ink collection. Every Solid Ink tattoo color is manufactured in 30ml and 60ml, select inks are also made in 120ml bottles. Stock up on four favorite Solid Ink inks today and take advantage of quality and saturation!

All Colors available


The Solid Ink tattoo ink is made from the best components possible

The Solid Ink tattooing ink originated in the beautiful city in Miami, Florida and wherever you go, you will find artists working with this marvelous inks. No wonder: Every Solid Ink color is manufactured with the best organic pigments available and is mixed together with Hamamelis, herbal glycerin, distilled water and alcohol. The high quality, organic ingredients aren’t the only thing that make these inks a real fan favorite: when it comes down to saturation and consistency of the inks, the Solid Ink leaves no room for desires. Convince yourself of the intensity and longevity of the Solid Ink today.