Eternal APEX chalice gold


Chalice Gold

  • 30ml
  • Reach compliant

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The Eternal Apex inks are REACH compliant

Over the past three years, Eternal Ink has researched, tested, and formulated hundreds of ink samples to create a satisfying tattoo ink for artists while meeting EU regulations. APEX inks perform, blend, tattoo, and heal exactly like the Eternal inks available outside of Europe.

Perfect color with Eternal Apex Tattoo Ink

Eternal has built its reputation on the consistency and quality of colors in every batch, and the Apex inks are no exception. With extensive experience and numerous tests, they have developed tattoo ink that guarantees perfect colors while simultaneously meeting REACH regulations. As a result, 24 pigments have been created for the EU market, providing artists with a full palette of high-quality primary, secondary, and tertiary shades.

Sterile and safe Apex tattoo ink

Every bottle of Apex Ink is sterilized and certified as sterile. Adhering to strict safety measures and regulations, Eternal Ink prioritizes the well-being and trust of tattoo artists, providing them with tattoo ink that is safe for both them and their clients. It’s an ink they can rely on in their daily work. Explore Apex Tattoo Ink and see for yourself!


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